Virtualisation / Emulation


Data and applications never leave the data center, eliminating dataleak risk.

Guaranteed compliance

Granular controls help ensure compliance in regulated industries.

Simplified management

Centralize, simplify and accelerate management and delivery, thanks to a modern approach that avoids traditional PC management tools.

Increased productivity

Delivers mission-critical legacy and business Windows applications for any device or operating system, anywhere.

Optimized results

Save money by operating low-cost terminals and consolidating processing, graphics, and storage resources into the data center improving usability.

Virtual station

Business’ computing power and storage space requirements exponentially increase with applications complexity. Unfortunately, x86 servers are too limited to meet these needs.
One solution is to deploy multiple servers using only a fraction of their capacity … inefficient and expensive. 4PMC offers its expertise in virtualization to remedy this, and much more.


Desktop and application virtualization is a software technology that publishes desktops and user applications to a data center that is on-premises or in the cloud and delivers them to devices. Allows your users to securely access your organization’s resources and work from anywhere, anytime, and any device. The modern, streamlined approach to desktop virtualization enables your business to provision, protect and manage desktops and applications while keeping costs low.

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