Private Cloud

4PMC’s private clouds allow organizations to have their own dedicated cloud environment, deployed and controlled from their site or from our premises.

Public Cloud

4PMC’s public clouds provide users with economies of scale via pooling of computing, network and storage resources.

Hybrid Cloud

4PMC’s hybrid clouds combine advantages of public and private clouds to deploy these two packaged models in a single, simplified cloud environment.

The Cloud, efficient

4PMC helps you deploying cloud solutions efficiently and securely.


Cloud computing is both a delivery and a consumption service model, which can increase performance, control costs, optimize use of services and encourage agility and efficiency. It represents one way to improve IT operations and optimize their contribution to business activities.

Our solutions are suitable for all businesses, large and small, as well as communications service providers and their customers.


Cloud services allow organizations to capture competitive advantages, thanks to a more agile and economical model. Outsourcing some IT processes to the cloud speeds up the deployment of new functionalities. Cloud services also have the advantage of smoothing out initial investments relative to recurring operating expenses. To many of our customers, the choice to migrate to the cloud is justified by:

– A cost structure based on demand

– Rapid resizing of IT resources as and when necessary

– Guaranteed network access, regardless of the user’s location and equipment.

Our partners

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