Dedicated solutions

Commissioning / Completion
ERP Log Data Entry
Geological Mesh

Targeting needs

Via its partners, 4PMC also offers targeted solutions, with potential for integration:

Geological mesh solution:
Thanks to GeO2 geological meshing technology, our partner allows to perform and optimize very highprecision 3D simulations of subsoils, thus opening up new perspectives for three types of industries: geothermal energy, geological storage as well as Oil&Gas.

Comissioning / Completion:
Specialized in the energy industry, our solution focuses on consulting, a complete software solution and the inherent technology in virtual reality.

Data entry ERP software:
Simple, economic, reliable and secure, Saisigo is a solution presented as an add-on to your ERP and allows you to enter your documents automatically by recording its
metadata, no training or installations required.

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